Enjoyed this! Appreciating the good qualities within the bad people seems important at a moment of merciless “cancel culture” where ironically, one sin condemns.

Speaking of which, you may enjoy this talk on angels, which contains a detailed overview of their psychology. Potentially relevant is they were created with abstract knowledge of everything, but not of particulars. Eg, they can think “dog” and instantly know everything it’s possible to know about dogs, but not know what a particular dog is going to do today. This is why during exorcisms, just mentioning the names of Jesus and Mary causes them pain -- because just mentioning those names calls to a demon’s mind everything they mean, and are. This is also why the angels were condemned after one sin -- their one sin was committed with full knowledge of the implications.


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Extremely interesting! Reminds me of something a friar explained to me - that doctrinally, in Catholicism the Devil is not thought of as 'someone' who can be saved, because angels are simple rather than composite entities, whereas people are composite entities. So the Devil's nature is atomically so, and any notion of salvation from that basic nature would be to change the atom into something other than what it is/to destroy it. (I might be mangling this)

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Oh wow. Sounds like a very similar idea, and now I’m curious what he means by “humans are composite entities…”

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