Welcome! Very glad you could make it. I’d like to introduce myself, introduce the project, and then tell you about the anti-zombie protocol.
On Ötzi, the Tollund Man, and a procedure for historical contemplation
A 10-step guide.
Thomas Aquinas is not bothered by your memes, for he puts his faith in Providence.
“I want to make a poem of my life.'“
1. Introduction, ProZD & Joji mini-case study, & the inescapability of philosophyTwo interesting social media careers, plus a philosophical dialogue to cleanse the palate.
freebasing pure perception, soaring through the psychic cosmos
2. On Whether to Give a Shit, & The Epistemic Hazard of the EyeCURZIISM #2 shares my reflections on the civil unrest of the last week. I contemplate civic responsibility and the hazards of simple perception. Plus…
Sweetness vs grandiosity, Talleyrand, Nazi megastructures and Kenneth Clark.
The path to 'realizing the principle within your own heart.'
1-1 training, Twitch streaming, and 36 projects/problems that seem cool as hell.
Eight features of 'a persuasive & consequential spiritual darkness'