Welcome! Very glad you could make it. I’d like to introduce myself, introduce the project, and then tell you about the anti-zombie protocol.
A quick post on a common misunderstanding of virtue.
On Ötzi, the Tollund Man, and a procedure for historical contemplation
A 10-step guide.
Grappling with the greatness of the Khan.
Thomas Aquinas is not bothered by your memes, for he puts his faith in Providence.
“I want to make a poem of my life.'“
Eight features of 'a persuasive & consequential spiritual darkness'
1. Introduction, ProZD & Joji mini-case study, & the inescapability of philosophyTwo interesting social media careers, plus a philosophical dialogue to cleanse the palate.
freebasing pure perception, soaring through the psychic cosmos
25. Dirty Saints, Monstrous Hermits"Let us do it with drugs or whips or sex or blasphemy or fasting; but let men begin to feel the perfection of the universe."
2. On Whether to Give a Shit, & The Hazards of the EyeCURZIISM #2 shares my reflections on the civil unrest of the last week. I contemplate civic responsibility and the hazards of simple perception. Plus…