Eight features of 'a persuasive & consequential spiritual darkness'
freebasing pure perception, soaring through the psychic cosmos
29. I was on Tasshin Fogleman’s podcast yesterday, discussing many of of the themes I’ve been developing in this newsletter: Here’s the audio version. I…
Sweetness vs grandiosity, Talleyrand, Nazi megastructures and Kenneth Clark.
Thoughts on palettes as artistic language.
and why I made them
25. Dirty Saints, Monstrous Hermits"Let us do it with drugs or whips or sex or blasphemy or fasting; but let men begin to feel the perfection of the universe."
You can't make me.
"Eurytus [...] boasted that he would surpass even the Muses [...] whereon they were angry, and maimed him."
How rationality alienated intellectuals from their motivations.
21. The way of the samurai is found in deathReadings from an 18th century manual on Bushido.
My recent podcasts, philosophy rants, and Twitch highlights.