20. A gigantic bushel of videos

My recent podcasts, philosophy rants, and Twitch highlights.

Letter # 20

Hello all!

I haven’t emailed you in a minute, though my speed and volume of content creation is at an all-time high. (What do they call a high ‘volume over time’? Flow rate?)

Video and livestreaming have been the easiest ways to share my ideas recently, though I do love writing and plan to get back to it. The Twitch stream is having a degree of success as well.

So this letter will be a brief index to my non-written work from the last month or so.


⭐=particularly recommended
⏩=short (<1 hr)
⏩⏩= very short (<20 min)

Philosophers on Twitch playing Flight Simulator

I’ve completed 10 full episodes of my curiously named Twitch talk show, ℙo𝕋p𝔽𝕊 ! And I spent way too much time on the cover art.

Here are highlight videos from the episodes featuring @thinkwert and @eigenrobot:

  • ⭐⏩HIGHLIGHTS: Whimsy Skies [link]

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Eigenvoyage [link]

And here are all the full episode recordings I’ve done since our last letter. I won’t put stars by any of them because they’re very long, but if you enjoy watching streams, you may enjoy these:

  • 3. Shadow Psychology with @nosilverv (Rival Voices’ approach to psychology) [link]

  • 4. Into the Gray with @maybegray (Clowning! Tarot readings!) [link]

  • 5. Eigenvoyage with @eigenrobot (Parenting, history, he gets drunk) [link]

  • 6. To Zion! with @collinofzion (Lights keep going out, Mormonism, gurus) [link]

  • 7. Chaos Run with @chaosprime (‘Numinality’, occultism, kabbalah - trippy & amazing episode) [link]

  • 8. CRITTER FM with @becomingcritter (Critter cohosts my 1st experiment with viewer call-ins!) [link]

  • 9. Whimsy Skies with @thinkwert (William Blake, ‘whimsy twitter’. Thinkwert’s a gem) [link]

  • 10. Airborne Eden with @diviacaroline (Conditioning, NVC, spaced repetition) [link]

Philosophy rants

I also made some general philosophical/introspection/spirituality videos.

  • ⏩⏩ What Life Is About (Some initial thoughts on human development and how we discover 'what life is about'.) [link]

  • ⭐⏩⏩ Improving Your God-Concept (Thoughts on atheism, what it means to have a naturalistic worldview, and the aim of aligning mental concepts and 'real things'. Recommended for people in the introspection/spirituality space. ) [link]

  • ⭐⏩⏩ The Mystic and the Metaphysician (ramble) (A rather unfiltered ramble. Some thoughts about the “religious” mental category, self-mastery, and two types of philosophers.) [link]

  • ⭐⏩ Critter Remix (@becomingcritter and I shoot the shit on topics related to philosophy, introspection, and religion. Cozy vibes!) [link]

Other people’s podcasts


⭐⏩ I went on @eigenrobot’s podcast a few days ago! His description:

wherein I talk with @michaelcurzi and @bitemyapp about the nature of religious belief in America; the extent to which pagans might reach states of virtue; and the ever-pressing question of how we can help our pets attain arete


⭐⏩ I also went on @becomingcritter’s podcast last Christmas - timestamps and themes at the link. [link]

That’s all for now! Hope everyone is having, and continues having, a most delightful February. 🙏🐂