Great question. I’ve been trying to answer it for 30 years.

Ugh, okay, what is the ‘CURZIISM mailing list’?

The mailing list is an experiment in sharing my thoughts on topics like:

  • philosophy of religion

  • introspection

  • practical epistemology

  • scifi/fiction

  • narratives and how we relate to them

  • history

  • societal decline/renewal

  • old books (e.g. Napoleon, ancient Rome)

  • startup/industry research

This blog post gives a decent sense of my writing. I also might be throwing in some audio and video content.


  •  I’m making a hard public commitment to post at least once a week for 3 months.

  • This period begins late May 2020, and ends late August 2020.

  • By August 31, I’ll re-up my commitment, change to another format, or explicitly freeze/shut down the mailing list.

Is that all?

That is all. I hope you enjoy our time together…